How Far Can It Be Argued That Wolsey Carried Out a

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To what extent can Wolsey’s foreign policy in the years 1512 – 1529 be viewed as a success? Thomas Wolsey was one of the most powerful men in England during the reign of King Henry the VIII. His influence over Henry’s decisions made sure that he was able to get his way when it came to proposing new laws and policies. Wolsey was successful because he was a skilled and able administrator. The war against France from 1512-14 was a perfect chance for him to show his skills with foreign policy. England formed an alliance with the Pope, Ferdinand V of Spain and Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor against Louis XII of France. The first campaign was not a success, however Wolsey learned from his mistakes and in 1513 he launched a joint attack with papal support on France and successfully captured two French cities and caused the French to retreat. Wolsey was able to supply the troops during the war which led them to success. In 1514 he also negotiated the Anglo-French treaty which created temporary peace between the two countries and let Louis XII marry Mary, Henrys younger sister. England was also allowed to keep the city Tourney which they captured. In 1518 following Wolsey being made Papal Legate in England he organised the Treaty of London. This was a massive peace treaty that included twenty different nations. It was signed in London which put England at the forefront of European diplomacy. Wolsey also organised the Field of the Cloth of Gold which was the meeting of Francis I of France and Henry VIII in 1520. Although this was an opportunity to show off England’s wealth and power it could also stabilise peace between both countries. One of the main errors in which Wolsey in forced his policies was with the nobles. A main domestic policy he had was to suppress the noble’s power within England. He did this by limiting the amount of soldiers they were aloud to
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