A Letter From A Soldier's Trip To Yorktown

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Dear Mother, I began my journey in mid August with General Washington after he received news of the French fleet joining us in September. The French have proven to be very useful in our battle for independence. I much despise the French because they are consistently criticizing and laughing at us. They refuse to recognize us and show a constant disregard towards us. We endure these degrading remarks for the mere fact that we want our independence. After we are free of the British I hope to never see these dammed French again. Our regiment was stationed next to French General de Rochambeau in Rhode Island. Out of all the regiments, I had to be positioned in the one with the French; how absurd and iniquitous! We then commenced our march to Virginia to hopefully crush the British in Yorktown. Whilst on my march I endured many hardships, realization several aspects about life that I would never have recognized if not for the march. I mostly keep to myself, analyzing the human nature. The French led an easy march yet, they never seemed to enjoy any moments. On the other hand, we, the Americans were…show more content…
I suppose British General Cornwallis was quite engaged with the constant French attacks and for a second in this brawl, he forgot about us. From what I had heard the French had successfully blocked Cornwallis’s supplies and were preparing to attack. Upon hearing this news we immediately celebrated even though we had not even begun the battle. I soon began to feel grief for us American and could comprehend the reason for the French’s behavior. They merely wanted to win the battle to go home but, they felt this would not be possible with an unorganized, uncivilized, and brutal American army fighting alongside them. I know this is how they felt, for the reason that, a group of soldiers actually befriended a French soldier and was able to coax the rumors out of

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