World War 1 Diary Report

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July 19, 1914 Dear Mother and Father, Hope all is well back home in Germany. I miss you both terribly, and Rosie too. It is so strange to so far away from home without you both and my sister too. The boys and I have been fighting none stop. I wish the war would just end. Most of us do not even know why we are still fighting. We hear all kinds of stories as to why we have not gone home yet, but who knows what the real reason is. We all know that France and England are the enemy here, but at the same time, all of the people we are fighting against are just like us. We all just want the war and fighting to be over. We all have families back home and lives too. All of my friends are back home, and Susan is too. I want to spend the rest of…show more content…
I miss my own bed and being able to eat whenever I like. Now I am lucky to get anything to eat in a single day. I had started to get really close to a couple of the guys here; Matt, Josh, and Kyle. They were all 19, just like me. We always fought side by side and had each other’s backs. We all promised each other that no matter what we would never leave any of the others behind. But now, I am the only one left. An enemy soldier wandered into our territory yesterday and threw a grenade right into our area of patrol and killed all three of them. I would have been there with them but I had gone out to look for some food for us to eat. I came back after just an hour of being out and saw everything in flames and I knew they were gone, but the only one of them that I could find was Kyle. His head was shattered and there was blood everywhere. He was strewn right over my bag and I will now never be able to get that image out of my head. His blood has stained all of my belongings including the rest of the stationary that I own. It isn’t fair! They were all I had in this war and it has been taken away from me. They were the only thing keeping me going and now they are gone. I don’t know how I can “fight for my country” if I have nothing left to live for. My professor back home always told us that we should be proud to fight for our country because it is a real honor. He always told us how great war was and everything like that. He has obviously never fought before. There is absolutely nothing great about it. You wake up in the middle of the night to bombings, gunshots, and men screaming in pain all around you. You never know if you will be living long enough to find another meal. Every second of your life becomes more and more precious because you never know if it will be your last. Coming into the war, I remember feeling excited and ready to fight. All of that excitement is completely gone now. I just want to go
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