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The domination and annihilation of the Native Americans was a ruthless and unnecessary mistake. Throughout American history, there are many examples of white settlers killing Native American Indians. This paper will highlight three examples: Cortes and the Aztecs, King Philips War, and The French and Indian War. As Bob Dylan’s, “With God on our side,” sarcastically comments that the settlers could justify the murder of the Indians; this paper will show that it was a cruel and unnecessary mistake. In 1519 Hernando Cortes led an army to Mexico. He was going to seek out land and gold. Cortes was a conquistador. When he got to Mexico he found that there were natives living there. These natives were part of the Aztecs. Cortes was eager to meet…show more content…
The fight was for the control of the Ohio River Valley. After the war, the Indians sided with the French. The French and Indian War shows us how much of a failure the relationship between the Indians and the colonists. Albany in 1754 was when British colonists got together to discuss ways to get Iroquois Indians on their side. And now they realized that they needed the help from the Indians to win the war. They finally understood that the Indians were valuable to them and meant a lot to them. At the end of the war, the colonists win and the Indians don’t want to go back under the colonists’ control. The Indians then rebel against the colonists. This was also known as, Pontiac’s Rebellion. “When I go to see the English commander and say to him that some of our comrades are dead, instead of bewailing their death as our French brothers do, he laughs at me and at you. If I ask for anything for our sick, he refuses with the reply that he has no use for us. From all this you can well see that they are seeking our ruin. Therefore, my brothers, we must all saver their destruction and wait no longer.” ( The American Spirit, p.88 )The Indians realize that they can never trust the colonists again. This whole time it was completely ruthless and the deaths were

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