Fall of Aztec Empire Essay

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What caused the fall of the Aztc Empire? 1There were a number of contributing factors involved, many of which we don’t know about. I will address some of the most obvious factors. First I will talk about human sacrifices. How it affected their people and some of the surrounding people and justification by the Spanish for war against the Aztecs. Secondly, what the Aztecs believed to be the return of the god Quetzalcoatl, the Spanish conquistador, Cortes and his Spanish army. Disease played a huge part in the fall. Small pox brought upon the Spanish spread quickly to the people and no cure for the disease was known therefore leading to many deaths. Lastly, the skillful tactics used by Hernan Cortes that leads to the surrender of the last Aztec emperor. The Aztecs were not the first people to sacrifice humans to feed their god. Their main god was Huitzilopochtli, God of Sun God of War. It was the number of sacrifices performed each year by the Aztecs that caused upset to the people. 1 Some estimates claim 20,000 human sacrifices a year. The loss of human life would not only weaken the Aztec empire but brought hatred upon the people of the powerful city of Tlaxcala. Many of their own people had been sacrificed, and at the end, the people of Tlaxcala joined forces with the Spanish army to fight the Aztecs. 2 Aztec authority, Henry Nicholson said that among the Aztecs, “human sacrifice was practiced on a scale not even approached by any other ritual system in the history of the world”. Spanish sources report that over 80,000 victims were sacrificed at the dedication of the Great Temple in 1487. Many scholars today are convinced that the scale used by the Spaniards was exaggerated to justify war against the natives The Aztec omens and the return of Quetzalcoatl. It has been described by the natives of the Aztec empire that 8 omens were believed to have occurred prior

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