Andrew Jackson And The Indian Removal

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Bridget Mejia February 16, 2012 Essay What factor set the stage for the Indian Removal Act? Early in the 19th century the United States expanded into the lower South white settlers faced off. Areas of home to the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chicasaw and Seminole nations. The Indians nations the view of the settlers and many other Americans standing in the way of progress. Edgar for land to raise cotton, the settlers pressured the federal government to acquire of Indian Territory. Andrew Jackson from Tennessee was a forceful proponent of Indian Removal. He alleged a removal policy was beneficial to the Indians. From 1814 to 1824 Jackson was in negotiating nine the west. The tribes agreed to the treaty for strategic reason. They wanted to appease the government in the hope of retaining some of their land and wanted to protect themselves white harassment. Removal would save Indian people from the depredation of whites, and would resettle them in area where they could govern themselves. Andrew Jackson believed that everyone would be happier if the Indians were by force and if it was necessary on the on the western side to Mississippi River. He had a rough relationship with the Natives Americans. He kicks them out of America and formed an ally with the Cherokee Chief. Who soon betrayed Andrew Jackson and went with the British. Jackson fought them in the war of 1812 and thought they were of an inferior race. He burned their towns and crops and killed women and kids. Andrew Jackson view was that Jacksonian Democracy had no room for the Native Americans. But people consider Jackson an Indian hater. He fought against then during his military career. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokee Indians fallowing then to keep land that the state of Georgia wanted Jackson. Chief Justice John Marshall has made his decision he try to enforce it.

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