Why Did Bonnie Prince Charlie's Invasion of England Fail

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Why did BPC invasion of England fail? On the 5th July 1745 Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charles) set afoot in the British Isles; ot conquer England and take back his rightfully deserved throne.But his conquest failed, there were three aspects to his failure:Strategy, Leadership and (Quality of) Support. Strategy is long-term planning or short-term tactics. This invasion's chance of success was severly hampered, by the indecicive army the prince however was not the main culprit, rather the disagreement between him and his commanders e.g; The incident when they had captured Derby and could not decide whether to procced or to retreat.Bonnie Prince Charlie let down the invasion by not properly organizing support from;The French(precisely), the Clan Chiefs or the English and Welsh Jacobites. Another example is when Charles delayed 6 weeks at Edinburgh to allow George II to regain hardened troops from Holland, if this hadn't happened then Charles would have been able to strike much more fear in the Londoners. Bonnie Prince Charlie's lack of strategy was the most apparent causes of his failure and it would of made the invasion much swifter. If he had organized his strategy better he would have probably if not definately won. Leadership is the ability to lead a group.Leadership could have made the men more efficient in their fighting and a clear understanding of the enemy would have given him an advantage.The immaturity of Charles would have been a key factor to consider eg; At Prestonpans Charles didn't take George Murray's advice, and the arrogance and self-belief of Charles cost the army many opportunitys to invade. Also because of Charles' arrogance he treated the Scottish Clans as total inferiors and took no notice of their customs. The army would of worked better as three individual guerilla units to invade the
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