How Successful Was Henry Viii in Achieving His Aims as King in Period from 1509 to 1529?

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When Henry VIII became king in 1509 he had a number of aims that he wished to achieve during this period of time. He wanted to be seen as a very different king to his father Henry VII. He wanted to get England noticed as a major power in Europe and also enrich his reputation, honour and prestige. But Henry’s first and biggest goal was to get a male heir. Some may say that Henry was largely successful in achieving his aims with his biggest success being the battle of the spurs in 1513. Henry VIII want to be seen as a different king to his father who had a bad reputation for being aware of his money and not engaging in many wars which the nobilities did not like. He started by giving away the crowns land and gave many titles to the nobilities to prove that he would be different to his father. Catherine of Aragon, who had married Henry’s brother Arthur was still kept in England after Arthur had died. Henry had immediately married her after all the delays that his father had caused. Everything had seemed to be going to plan but later he faced major problems because of his decisions. Henry was largely successful in being different to his father. The nobility liked Henry and saw him as a true king because he had engaged in war where his father never did. Henry also wanted England to be a major power in international affairs. One of his aims in foreign policy was to capture France just like Henry V did. Henry had been waiting for the best opportunity for him to go to France and capture and then it came. Spain and the Papal states also wanted to attack France so they formed the Holy League. In the first French war of 1512, everything was a fail, England had started their attack to find that the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian had deserted him. Henrys troops fell sick and were forced to retreat back to England with nothing to show for the war. This happened again in 1513
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