How Successful Was Edward Vi in Restoring Royal Authority in the Period to 1470?

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How successful was Edward VI in restoring royal authority in the period to 1470? Edward IV enjoyed successes and also failures in restoring royal authority in the period to 1470. Edward had some successes in dealing with over mighty subjects, for example, his marriage to Elisabeth Woodville shows that he was not controlled by an over powering Warwick. This was important as it showed both Warwick and the rest of the country that he was not controlled by Warwick and could make his own decisions. Another way that Edward IV proved that he was not a ‘puppet king’ as Henry VI was seen as was by removing Warwick’s brother, George Neville, as chancellor. However, although these events showed that he was not controlled by Warwick, there were many failures that outweigh his successes when it came to dealing with the over mighty subjects. Edward was said to have ‘alienated’ Warwick, which then caused him to become over mighty. Warwick was the biggest land owner in England and therefore had a lot of power, maybe even too much power as some people thought when it came to Edwards’s decision. Edwards marriage to Woodville was said to show favouritism as he subsequently gave the Woodville family titles and arranged the best marriages possible for Elizabeth’s sister, meaning that Warwick’s daughters did not get the desired marriages. This alienated Warwick and made him resent the King. The lack of land an titles given to the kings brother, George duke of Clarence also alienated him, making him and Warwick join together to become over mighty and eventually end in 3 rebellions lead by Clarence and Warwick. These rebellions prove that Edward did not deal effectively with his over might subjects or nobles as the eventually ended up deposes him and putting Henry IV back on the throne. Overall, I think that although Edward had some successes, for example showing Warwick at the
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