How Far Did Henry Viii Achieve His Aims During the Period from 1509-14?

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How far did Henry VIII achieve his aims during the period from 1509-14? At the beginning of Henry VIII’s accession he made many aims. Henry took the throne in April 1509 at the age of 17. Henry succeeded his father; Henry VII, a ruler who had been paranoid, and did a lot of the finance for the country by himself and trusted very few people, his most trusted advisors were William Warham and Richard Fox. One of Henry VIII’s main aims when he came to power was to be as different from his father as possible, and this is what led him to make many of his decisions during the first few years of his reign. Henry’s personal ambition was to invade and take the throne of France; he wanted the fame and glory that came with winning battles and taking over countries. Adding to this, Henry wanted to become a huge part of Europe, trying to form alliances, sign treaties and claim status. Henry knew that if he was going to take over France he would need powerful allies as France was becoming powerful itself, was becoming wealthy and gaining military strength. His last aim was the succession. Henry would need a male heir so as to secure the throne for the Tudors. The first of Henry’s aims to be completed was to start the differentiation between himself and his father. In April 1509, just as he had become ruler, he had two of his father’s most powerful men arrested; Edmund Dudley and Richard Empson, and a year later the two were executed. Henry had done this so he could abolish the Council Learned in Law, meaning that he could cancel 175 bonds his father had put in place with his Nobles. This made Henry extremely popular; a big difference from his father, and also meant that he could have rich Nobles, leading to a powerful army and glorious court. This first aim set the trend that showed how Henry would have a very different reign from his father. In June 1509 Henry married
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