How Did Normans Succeed In Conquering England Betw

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How did Normans succeed in conquering England between 1066-1087? 1066 was a turning point in English history. It all fuelled off when William, Duke of Normandy invaded England and won the decisive battle at Hastings. From then on, the old England was destroyed, the nobles either killed in battle or disposed and exiled to be replaced by Norman landowners. Norman England was characterised by the Feudal system and the building of castles. It took five to six years before the Normans gained full control of England. This essay will focus upon how William was able to conquer England which for some, with relative ease, who sees the Battle of Hastings as the day when ‘Duke William conquered all England in a single day.’ This point will be further explained later in the essay. For others it was an eventual process which needed time for the whole of Britain to put into submission. Was his victory inevitable? How did he deal with the problem that he was a foreign invader in a land where people did not like him and did not want him? This essay will discuss the importance of Battle of Hastings and reasons for William’s prevail as it was a first big step for William towards conquering England. Also, the significance of the harrying of the North of England and other riot towns will be looked at as it was vital in terms of gaining full control of England. The Battle of Hastings was fought on 14 October, 1066 and it was the Normans who eventually came on top as Harold ll was slain and his army was crushed. One of the key factors that took part in English defeat was that the English army was simply too tired after the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Harold had to fight hard to defeat Harald Hardrada of Norway and Harold’s brother Tostig Godwinson which must have seriously affected Harold’s strength at Hastings three weeks later. Harold and his men were simply exhausted and
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