Importance of Visiting Museums Essay

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Visiting a museum might be the best way to recognize where you are, because museums exhibit not only valuable works, but also tradition of countries. For instance, MoMa, Museum of Modern Arts, is a museum, which is located in New York City. Because New York is a modern and youthful city, it has no historical paintings or structures. Only things that you can find in MoMa are modern pictures and extraordinary works that indicate today. Another example can be given from Europe, cradle of the civilizations. Louvre, which is located in Paris, is a huge museum that exhibits numerous of paintings and statues from Europe and some parts of Asia. Every single works, that Louvre shows, has a relation with France directly or indirectly. Thus, one can obtain very useful information about France tradition and history if one visits Louvre Museum, because it is easiest way to identify your location. Another reason, why people visit museums when they travel to new places is liberal education. Liberal education has an enormous effect on people’s point of view, so people love to increase their acknowledges. Moreover liberal education might be the best topic when talking with a foreigner. So, we can acquire and improve it with museums. For instance, David, the masterpiece of Michelangelo and the symbol of the Renaissance, is located in Florence, is a part of liberal education. It must be one of the most popular statues of the world even if it was made in 1504. It has a lot of traditional meanings for Jewish and Christians. The details of David are faultless that people cannot take their eyes from him when they visit Academia. Think of a tourist, who has info about Florence. The only way he or she can communicate with people in Florence is talking about Florence culture and history. So, he or she will gain information while communicating. To conclude, visiting museums is
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