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I chose to do my museum report on three selected pieces from Sacramento’s Crocker art museum. There were two specific reasons that I chose this museum, first was that I wanted to see what beautiful art our city was holding in side these historical walls. The second was that I remember going to this particular museum when I was younger and wanted to see if it felt the same after taking this class and actually being able to look at art in a new way. My experience was so great It was like walking into the past, who knew of all the history paintings could show. The first piece of art I analyzed was Swabian Hamlet after a Rain by Christian Friedrich Mali. Mali is a German painter who was born in the Netherlands because his family was Swabian…show more content…
In this painting Mali captures the humid atmosphere of isolated farmsteads after an afternoon shower. Mali uses a lot of different colors and shades that give off different kinds of textures. The horse’s coats look so shiny when compared to the house on the left he does this to show the aftermath of the rain storm. When looking a the piece you are first drawn to the background because of the light which gives a now type of feel, sunny and warm then you start to look through the painting and see the details hidden in the dark which gives this lovely feeling of what is to come. It is like staring at a rainbow just after a spring…show more content…
He sure has mastered it because to me it flawless. There is just something about the painting that I catch myself staring, it’s just so beautiful. The Three paintings I chose were all unique in my eyes but had a couple of similarities as well. First off I found out that architectural and landscape paintings were very popular in the 19th century and the three artist I chose were landscapists. They also painted a lot of architectural paintings as well. This was one thing that caught my eye in all three paintings were the beautiful buildings surrounded by such detailed scenery. This project was a great experience to me and important to my development in

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