Importance of Supervision of Children

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Supervision of Children In order to sustain a safe environment for children, the Child Care Licensing Regulation requires care providers to ensure that children are supervised at all times. We are frequently asked to provide more detail on this subject, specifically, “What exactly constitutes adequate supervision?” We have reviewed several sources of literature and find that the outcome based approach referred to in articles by Sonja Tansey for the National Childcare Accreditation Council fit best with the way that we practice licensing in Northern Health. We have taken some key ideas from this article. Supervision is the most important element in the safe provision of child care. Supervision, together with thoughtful design and arrangement of children’s environments, can prevent or reduce the likelihood of accidents and the severity of injury to children. Children often challenge their own abilities but are not always able to recognize the potential risks involved. Child care providers need to actively supervise children to identify risks and therefore minimize injury. Active supervision will also ensure that children’s play is enjoyable and their learning opportunities are promoted. By watching children closely, child care providers will be able to see opportunities for supporting and building on children’s play experiences. Child care providers will also notice when children wish to play independently of adult involvement. Determining the required level of direct versus indirect supervision is a decision that only the child care provider can make. Effective supervision will only be achieved if care providers are aware of the children and their environment. Child care providers need to assess the needs of every child and supervise according to the development of each child. For example, young children will require close monitoring at all times; however, for older

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