Understand How to Plan and Provide Environments That Support Ch

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Understand how to plan and provide environments that support ch/yp’s health and safety? When planning health and safety indoor and outdoor environmental services we must take into account :- The individual needs abilities and ages of the children and young people. Certain risk factors Mobility, sensory, medical needs The needs of carers and extended family The environment and the services that is available The duty of care is to always, have the child’s safety and welfare in mind. The desired outcome clear aims and objectives based around the EYFS framework. Lines of responsibilities everyone has responsibility for the health and safety of the children and young people each member of staff need clear reporting responsibilities. Recognise and manage risks to health, safety, and security in a work setting or off- site visits. A key process in identifying risks to children and young people is to carry out a risk assessment where it is, deemed appropriate. The idea behind a risk assessment is to attempt to identify all the potential risks associated with a particular activity. The nominated Health and Safety Officer will, normally carry out, the risk assessment. Once a risk assessment has been carried out and the hazards have been identified, then a method statement can be developed which takes account of the identified hazards. The method statement should be read and understood by all members of staff and volunteers who are directly involved with supervising the children with that activity. Understand how to support children/ young people to assess and manage risk themselves. The most obvious method of supporting children to manage risk is by acting as a role model to the Health and Safety children whereby an adult demonstrates a good approach to risk management by adhering to the policy, and generally displaying best practise techniques that can be understood by the
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