Supporting Children' Care and Learning

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Support Children’ Care, Learning and Development in the Early Years As child care providers we have a responsibility to help children and young people grow and develop. We are able to do this b ensuring that we follow procedures and policies that help us implement the early years curriculum. We encourage staff to actively complete daily risk assessments that are to be completed before the children come in are also maintained throughout the day. We have a number of policies and procedures that we have to help the children feel safe and are able to access all aspects of holistic play and learning to help their overall development. All staff has had training in the following to help support and provide the early years curriculum:- 1) Training in planning 2) Risk assessments 3) First aid 4) Child Protection and safeguarding 5) Equality and anti-discrimination awareness We also ensure that all staff are made aware of the policies and procedures that are in place. The policies and procedures are:- * Safeguarding children policy * Fire procedure policy * Behaviour policy * Racial awareness policy * Staff training and development * Health and safety policy * Special consideration for employees * Disciplinary policy * Behaviour management policy * Complaint policy * No smoking policy * Supervision of staff policy * Medicine policy * Illness exclusion policy We also review our policies and procedures annually and have a designated member of staff who keep up to date with regulation, legislation and laws so that policies and procedures are renewed if changes are made before they are update annually. We have policies ensuring at planning is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is in line with the birth to three matters and foundation phase and that it continually meet the individual
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