Adult Safeguarding Qcf Level 5

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[pic] A GUIDE TO SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS Sense is highly committed to working practice that safeguards and protects vulnerable children from harm within the Service. We aim to provide all children within Sense with the utmost of opportunities to develop their full potential and meet their Person Centred needs. We want to ensure that children are protected and kept safe from harm when they are with our staff, Volunteers, family and friends. Sense is committed to working towards children achieving the five outcomes identified in ‘Every Child Matters, these are’: • Being safe • Being healthy • Enjoy and achieve • Make a positive contribution • Achieve economic wellbeing Sense’s ethos in the welfare of children and safeguarding from harm is paramount in any situation. The use of the term child or children refers to people under the Chronological age of 18 years. Sense policy (OSG 11) this is directly linked to Sense policy. Staff that are working with young people and children under go an Enhanced CRB AND PoCA checks before commencing any direct work involving children. Sense ensures that all Care Practices adhere in accordance with: • The Children’s Act 1989 and 2004 • Safeguarding Vulnerable Group’s act 2006. Staff can access information and support through the department of Health and Local council’s websites also C.Q.C or N.S.P.C.C and save the children. Sense staff must conduct themselves in line with all Sense policies and procedures Staff are selected carefully at the recruitment stage and have appropriate training, support and are supervised regularly. Staff should always adhere to Sense policy and procedures while supporting children and young people, and should never trivialise or ignore any issues raised regarding possible allegations behaviours or attitudes
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