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Unit 002 Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting’s Outcome 1 1:2 Identify standards that influence the way your role is carried out. Policies and Procedures ensure that all staff are fully aware of what their own duties are and to provide precise instructions about what to do and make sure there are clear steps that must be taken to protect children from harm and abuse. For example In Teddy Bears Room (Babies Room) setting there are certain standards that we have to follow whilst working with the babies. This is why in the nursery setting we have policies and procedures that influence the way that we work. We must follow these policies for babies, young children and staff at all times. There are standards that influence our role such as: Codes of practice, such as internal policies and procedures set by the setting. Our Health and Safety policy at our Nursery. We need to follow this policy in our day to day work at the nursery. Clear safety rules for children’s behaviour. Policies for supervision of children. Safety Equipment. - For Example, stair gates, safety catches on doors and windows, non-slip surfaces, safe play equipment and safety glass. Procedures for using equipment. Policies for staff to report potential hazards. Clear rules to ensure that staff work safely, (that they ensure that they are closing and fastening the stair gates correctly and are reporting any damaged or broken equipment to the management, nursery owner or the person in charge of Health and Safety. Policies when taking children out of the nursery setting. Risk assessments are carried out. Policies for collecting children – The use of passwords for security reasons. Regulations, such as the Health and Safety at work act, Children Act 2004. The Children Acts (1989, 2004) are the laws that are in place

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