Cache Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education -Unit 4

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Unit 4 E1 & D1 The Health and Safety Act 1974 Childcare Act 2006 Children’s Act 2004 COSHH Regulation 2002 RIDDOR 1995 The Health and Safety Act 1974 This legislation is important as it keeps everyone in a safe environment. There are policies and procedures set within all settings so that everyone is protected and know what to do in case of accidents or serious matters. There must be a ration of staff members to children depending on their age range. When joining a setting as a practitioner you will need a CRB check so that the supervisor knows that you don’t have a criminal record. This legislation is also about working with parents and other professionals and keeping everyone safe. Childcare Act 2006 The three main key drivers of this act is to reduce child poverty, reduce inequalities between young children and to improve the wellbeing for young children. It supports parents to have the ability to work, and also focus on the provision of good quality childcare for the working parents. This act is based on the EYFS and uses it. Children’s Act 2004 The act and the Every Child Matters act is giving a messages that safeguarding children is a shared responsibility. There are many procedures throughout this act. One procedure is the concerns about the welfare of a child. You have to take into concern the way the child has been raised. There are other procedures for if allegations are being made against you if so it will be investigated under the LSCB (London Safeguarding Children Board) procedures. COSHH Regulation 2002 COSHH has a procedure for each hazard such as the handling of aerosol, capsules/lozenges/tablets, creams/ointments, injectable medicine products, disinfectants and many more. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 connects to this act as COSHH explains how to handle chemicals. Many chemicals or other hazardous substances at

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