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CYP 3.3 - Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people 1.1 Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people Children Act 1989, this act aimed to simplify the laws that protected children and young people in the UK. This act made it clear to all who worked with children what their duties were and how they should work together in the event of allegations of child abuse. England and Wales produced separates documents – Working together to safeguarding Children (1999) – which emphasised the responsibilities of professionals towards children who are at risk of harm. Policies and procedures for safeguarding and child protection in England and Wales are the result of the Children Act 1989. The children Act 2004 introduced further changes to the way the child protection system is structured and organised in England and Wales. The children’s act 2004 provides legal basis for how multi agencies deal with issues relating to children. This was brought in after the Victoria Climbie case. It was designed for the care and support of children, some of these principles are: To allow children to be healthy, helping children enjoy their life, help children succeed, ensuring children are safe in their environments and to help achieve economic stability for their future. In my setting the policies and procedures for safeguarding are always put into place. We ensure children are safe when they are in the setting and if we were to have any suspicion of abuse at home we would deal with that so they were always safe in their home environment. We help children succeed by doing our best in educating them. 1.2 Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people All those working with children have a responsibility to safeguard
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