3.1 Explain How to Monitor Children and Young People’s Development Using Different Methods. Essay

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3.1 Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods. It is important to monitor a child’s development to make sure that any necessary assessments can be arranged to help and support them. It is crucial to identify any children who may be at risk, moreover to prevent those who are not yet at risk becoming at risk. Intervention is required as soon as possible to lower any chances of developmental delay. There are a few ways of monitoring and observing a child to gather necessary information. In every case, it is essential to include parents and any staff that have contact with the particular child. In observation it is important to focus on the positive as well as any negative aspects of care. Different methods of monitoring and observing are as follows: The E.Y.F.S. This is the assessment framework used for children up to 5 years of age and it links with their areas of development. This also covers the welfare and development of children. ‘The welfare section covers: • Basic checks, such as ensuring staff have undergone all relevant security checks • Facilities and equipment safe and suitable for children • Quality of the environment, for example, it recommends there should be some access to outdoor space The development section covers: • Personal, social and emotional development • Communication, language and literacy • Problem solving, reasoning and literacy • Knowledge and understanding of the world • Physical development • Creative development Every childcare provider, except for mother and toddler groups, nannies and short-term crèches must be registered and furthermore inspected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) So the E.Y.F.S., therefore applies to: •
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