Importance Of Psychology In Everyday Life Essay

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Importance of Psychology in Everyday Life This quarter I have learned a lot in my psychology class. I have learned a lot about introductory psychology on topics including learning, motivation, perception, personality, and physiological basis of behavior, but more importantly, I have learned a lot about implications of psychology in my everyday life. Studying psychology has been very influential to me and has given me a better understand of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Three concepts that stand out to me that apply specifically to my life (past, present, and future) are parenting styles, memory techniques, and the powers of social influence. Parenting style does not necessarily apply to my present life now, but in the future, I hope to be a parent. Parents everywhere should be aware of various parenting styles. There are three primary parenting styles: permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian. A permissive parent style is basically when a child “walks all over” the parents and does whatever he/she pleases. This happens when a parent is too lenient on a child and does not set any demands. This leads a child to be immature, overly-demanding, and to lack independence. I admit that I have some friends that have permissive parents; sometimes they are described as the “cool” parents. However, it is clear that these friends of mine are definitely immature and overly-demanding. On the other hand, an authoritative parenting style is when strict guidelines are expected to be met and obeyed. These parents are unwilling to compromise with their children and resort to harsh punishment to practically force obedience. When I think of an authoritative parent, I think of a having a drill instructor from the military as a parent. The parent’s demand can definitely be too much for a child to handle. This leads a child to be anxious, withdrawn, and hostile. It is easy to

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