Lady Macbeth Act 1 Analysis

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Number 1: After Act 1, Scene 5 When Lady Macbeth reads the letter from Macbeth about the prophecies of him being king she is very confident that they will come true. Lady Macbeth also seems to feel as though Macbeth may not be able to go through with the process of becoming king. This is when Lady Macbeth feels she must help him through his task. Lady Macbeth yells out load that she wants the sprits to '' unsex'' her; which means that she wishes to be less like a women and more manly to go through with the task. I think Lady Macbeth is the type of person who will do anything to get what they want. She's also the type of person who doesn't think of the consequences after the matter. Lady Macbeth defiantly wears the pants in the relationship.…show more content…
Those who are born without a conscience and are labeled as sociopaths are much more dangerous than those who are just easily influenced. Most innate evil lays dormant, waiting for the exact moment to display itself. It is very unpredictable and very often is not detected until the awful act occurs. For those born with this affliction, it is not a question of whether evil will reveal itself but a question of when. Human example and influence are also very powerful and can corrupt the mind eager for recognition or that craves to feel wanted and accepted. The morals and values that this type of person has been taught are pushed to the back of his/her mind and become less important than the need to "fit in". Unfortunately for these people, any attention and recognition is sought after, even if it is negative. There is an obvious difference between those who are afflicted with no conscience at birth and those who have one. No amount of moral teaching or love and comfort will keep these people satisfied and happy to be "good". Ultimately, bad will…show more content…
My parents have raised me to know right from wrong and to be very self confident and secure. I know that in most instances I will decide in the end to do the right thing. My view of life now can best be compared to a rollercoaster. I experience many different feelings and emotions and they are always changing. While some things may be changing from minute to minute due to hormones, I am confident that I will live a wonderful, fulfilling life. So I look forward to the time when I can compare my life to sailing on a calm, clear sea content with the knowledge that I my path is clear and

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