Codependency, Enabling, Or Love

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Codependency, Enabling, or Love; What Ties the Parents and the Adult Child(ren) Together? Draft Essay for Week 6 Valerie Pittman DeVry University Online Advanced Composition SPRA11 Professor Ann Tschetter In today’s society, there is more and more evidence that children are not being raised to be self-sufficient. It can be seen by the number of welfare recipients in each state, by the number of college dropouts, and in the number of robberies and shootings committed by your offenders, and it can be seen in the number multi-generational households we have in the United States. According to the U.S. Census about 6.6 million United Sates households had at least three generations of family members living under one roof in 2009 (U.S.…show more content…
For some reason the adult child feels as though they have the same rights to the household as their parents do. With this sad reality, comes the enabling parent who has become overly dependent on their young adult emotionally, thus stifling the independence of their child. This is what happens in a co-dependent household. The codependent parent fails to realize that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children to teach independence and responsibility. Enabling your adult children will only cripple them. Allowing children to live rent free and without rules only causes them to remain needy all of their…show more content…
They would not have learned the value of working in order to gain. They will put greater emphasis on appearance rather than substance simply because their needs were met with little to no effort of their own. This type of attitude will spill over into their workplace, into their relationship and eventually in their own children. However, there is hope. Recognizing the codependency and accepting it as a role in the dysfunctional family is the first step in breaking the cycle. Education is the key freedom and therapy is the door that will open the family to healing. The co-dependent parent must stop enabling their children but more importantly they must heal themselves. The issues that they have hid from must surface and they must be addressed. The most effective way to healing and ultimately changing is through professional therapy. By seeing a therapist they can heal from the past and promote healthier

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