Importance of Navy in First Punic War

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Q) Asses the role of the navy in the first Punic war During the first Punic war (264 to 241 BC) The role of the navy was extremely important. The navy played a major rolein the 1st punic war. Whichever nation held the balance of power and influence throughout the Mediterranean needed an effective maritime force. As the established power in the Mediterranean benefited grately from having a strong naval force. It Became clear between the two Empires quite early in conflict that whichever side held naval dominance would win the war due to certain and significant factors such as the importance of islands i.e. Sicily and sardina the vunrableity of the Italian coastline as well as the vunrablitly of Carthages strongholds and the vast amounts of water separating Carthage and Rome only accessible by boat. The Punic war was fought through out the mediterainain sea and Carthage already ruled the meditearinan sea with their advanced naval force. Practicaly more advanced than their Roman counterparts in all aspects of maritime factors, naviagation, tactics , skills and roweing proficiency. Though Carthage held the upper hand in naval skill they where never challenged before and as well neive about Rome’s ingenuity and adaptability. The Importance of sea power is also easily seen through Rome’s extradonary spirt and will to construct naval forces from scratch to challenge Carthage at sea. Demonstrating a proficient navys importance As well as their willinglys to risk so much to go against an enemy with distinic advantages. It was evidently clear before the first punic war that carthage had naval supremecy over the Romans and governed mediterainan seas through there skilled and seasond navy. Owned well established trade monoplys that allowed them to increase their influence and wealth. Evidently early within the first punic war rome came to the realisation that who ever
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