Punic Wars Research Paper

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Evaluation of the Changes in Roman Society Due to Punic Wars. The Punic wars were the important events in the western civilization as they were the taking place simultaneously with the development of Rome empire. The invasion of Italy left Rome with the major rival in the Carthage. Carthage is located on the peninsula in the Gulf of Tunis, and it is linked by two canals as it has two harbors. In all, there occurred three different Punic wars at different times. The major developmental changes took place in Roman Empire includes change in gaining of natural resources, evolution of new Roman Laws, use of ram in wars, political influence, increased use of slaves, farmers migrating to cities and scarce grains, influences the development of…show more content…
resulted in important changes to Roman political system. For instance, Rome permitted their military leaders to control and there was an expansion in the number of magistrates to accommodate the growth of the Roman territories. Hannibal, the son of Hamilcar took rule over the democratic magistrates. The Democracy was troubled and Rome's constitutional power was disturbed. This could be proved by the words, "This time the Carthaginian strategy aimed at bringing the war home to Romans and defeating them in their own backyard" (Spielvogel 123). This was the reason for the political influence of the Roman Empire during the Punic Wars. One of the significant change occur during the Second Punic War was the increasing number of slaves. Large number of slaves were brought to Italy could be prove by the words, "The Roman conquest of the Mediterranean brought a drastic change in the use of slaves" (Spielvogel 129). Before the Second Punic War the slaves were employed relatively at small scale. However, at the end of the second century the use of slaves increased and mostly all small or large works were done by the slaves. The slaves were to work miserably all day and thus, "Cato the Elder argued that it was cheaper to work slaves to death and then replace them than to treat them well" (Spielvogel 129). Thus, Punic War invited vast development of the Roman Empire as the number slaves were increased, especially during the Second Punic
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