Short Essay On Manifest Destiny

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Natasha Nieves P.6 Manifest Destiny “It was America’s right to stretch from sea to shining sea, not only was there a responsibility to hold to our citizens to gain valuable natural resources, but also to civilize this beautiful land” – Unknown. Manifest Destiny was the belief that the United States was preordained by God to expand throughout North America. Many great achievements have been the effect of America’s fulfillment of its Manifest Destiny. America has not only geographically succeeded but the glorious success has carried its self to the present day. The origin of Manifest Destiny comes from the influential Puritan John Winthrop writing. “We shall be as a City upon a Hill, and the eyes of all people are upon us. “Many…show more content…
The resources America had gained in California alone; there are 25,364,695 acres of farmland as of 2007. Farms proliferate in the West, and particularly along the coast, thanks to nutrient-rich soil and a variety of elevations and climates. While much of the farmland is dedicated to growing corn and other cash crops, the West also boasts a number of large cattle ranches. California, Oregon and Washington are all producers of oil which was very important for America’s needs. Oil is used to power many of the power plants in the United states and to fuel most of the cars, oil is used in a number of petrochemical applications, such as plastic productions, clothing manufacturing and even as an ingredient in some medicines. All of the resources from the west increase the United States income. Also, the importing takes place on the west coast toward China. Achieving the Manifest Destiny was a glorious accomplishment that America succeeded in. America did strive to stretch from sea to shining sea. Its offspring of the westward expansions brought America very far and made American a great nation. Battles were fought but won, expanding took place and it was not a simplistic thing to do. America was the greatest nation of its times expansion has much to do with much achievements. For instance, it expanded geographically, economically and its diversity. America was known to be “A city on a
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