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If I Were A Boy Essay

  • Submitted by: michelledthayer
  • on November 20, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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“If I Were A Boy”
Have you ever wondered what you would be like if you were born of the opposite sex?   Maybe it should be a question that should be asked more often.   Sometimes to understand how someone might feel in a given situation, we should like at it from a different point of view.   Putting yourself in someone’s shoes might make you discover that you might find a better way the situation.   But how can we get people to be aware of the effects that their actions have other people?
Reba McEntire, Beyonce, and song writers found a way.   “If I Were A Boy” is the title of a song originally sang by Beyonce, but was also recorded by my favorite person, Reba McEntire.   In the song, she describes how she would act if she had been a boy instead of a girl.   Reba says that she knows how it hurts when you have been taken for granted and you lose everything that you have ever worked for.   She says that the boy has never experienced this type of hurt.   By the time the boy realizes it, it’s too late to admit his mistake and try to come back now.   She believes that the boy will never be anything but a boy and not a man because he will never understand.   Therefore, Reba believes that she would be a better man than the boy that has hurt her and would treat women very differently.
I would hope that if I were a male, I would also be a better man because I have experienced the type of hurt that Reba describes in her song.   Over the years I have had many relationships, some good and some not.   But I tried to learn from those experiences.   I think that I finally know what I want and what I think that most other women want in love, family, and relationships.   These ideas I have also tried to instill in my son so that he also can be a good man.
I think the first characteristic that I would have as the opposite sex is respect.   I think so many people today just do whatever they want and most of the time it’s without regard to anyone else.   I think that the heart of respect goes...

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