Christ: the Sum of All Spiritual Things Book Report

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There are not many authors throughout church history who have been able to touch the centrality and supremacy of Christ like T. Austin Sparks and Watchman Nee. Their writings are apparently floating to the surface of modern religious Christianity... and they are choking out the empty dead adages and 12 step "purpose-driven" life plans. These simple Christ-centered messages are helping believers everywhere to see the simplistic nature of our faith. And Watchman Nee touches on so of these in his book “Christ: The Sum of All Spiritual Things” In "Christ: The Sum of All Spiritual Things," Nee says that Too often Christians view Christ as the one who gives us the stuff or the "things" we need to succeed and to live victoriously. We must stop running after the accumulation of worthless religious "things" and find our satisfaction in the Person of Christ. Nee claims that this proves we miss the point of Christianity altogether in our prayers for "gifts" as if they were something separate from the Person of Christ. He writes, "Christianity is not reward, neither is it what Christ gives to me. Christianity is none other than Christ himself." The Person of Christ is what we really seek. Things only leave us empty. We do not receive things from the Lord we receive him! Christ does not give salvation; “he is salvation”. Christ does not give us love, joy, peace, patience, and so forth. Christ is the gift and the giver! Nee also mentions that many Christians come to the “ Christ of the Scriptures for salvation and then they are bombarded with "things!" We have all these "spiritual things" we believe and do and the sum of them is our spiritual life. Nee expresses that we don't need more "spiritual things" we need Christ. It is extremely important that "spiritual things" don't replace Christ in our experience and pursuit of Christ in our spiritual life. His grace is completely
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