Christian Worldview: Letter Written By Apostle Paul

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Christian Worldview Essay Evan Bibb BIBL 425-D05 December 7, 2014 Romans is a letter authored by the apostle Paul, addressing many aspects of life the Christian church in Rome were facing. Ultimately, what was revealed through Paul’s letter was a glimpse into the grand news that he spent the second half of his life spreading. From immeasurable grace to obedience to the law, Paul tackles what the gospel is through their present day lens and how it all relates to the over-arching narrative taking place. Creation Creation was the beginning of God placing His DNA in the very things He values. From the dust to humans, God has left a fingerprint through His craftsmanship and attention to the intricate details of it all. Often times, as science digs deeper and deeper into the working parts of all that can observed, more questions arise. Throughout scripture, it is clear that God is difficult to fully grasp and understand. If God is woven throughout all that exists, then testing and examining His creation should reveal…show more content…
But in chapter 12, Paul begins to take a more in depth look at how Christians ought to behave and act. Prior to this section, Paul speaks of orthodoxy, but nor begins to look at orthopraxy. Moo mentions, “All theology is practical, and all practice, if it is truly Christian, is theological. Paul’s gospel is deeply theological, but it is also eminently practical. The good news of Jesus Christ is intended to transform a person’s life.” The power of the gospel is the force which drives sanctification in the lives of those who follow Christ. Paul states in 18:17, “Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.” The Christian life, both publically and privately, provides a glimpse into what God is like to those around them. The importance of integrity isn’t for integrity’s sake, but rather for the chance of someone to put their faith and trust in

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