The Kingdom Of God Is Like

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Ashton Galloway BIB-105 3/6/2011 Dr. Coleman Baker The kingdom of God is often described in parables and metaphors, and is often revealed to some of the most common people. Every day God gives each of us life experiences and beauty all around to give us clues as to what His kingdom is like. These clues are revealed in nature, humanity, and everyday life experiences. Since I am a songstress and I also enjoy a good meal, I will elaborate on a choir and a good meal, describing how they can metaphorically be used to describe the kingdom of God. In her article, “The Kingdom of God is like…” Kim Tame depicts a music teacher comparing the kingdom of God to that of teaching music to a children’s choir. The end result is a beautiful, harmonious sound. When speaking of the kingdom of God, one should think of God as the music teacher, we are the children that make up the choir and our lives are the song which we are taught to sing. When a choir is taught a song, it is imperative that all are on the same page and stick to their assigned parts. Therefore, no one should try to sing a part that doesn’t fit them or try to sing by them self. They must pay attention to the teacher and listen to the other singers. Failing to do so will result in the choir producing a sound that is unpleasant and unorganized. However, when everyone is on one accord the end result will be a beautiful angelic sound. In other words, we each add a different part to the song called life and it is therefore important that we stick to what God has called us to do and strive to be in unity with one another. What this means is that in God’s kingdom, there is no division. This is the concept that Jesus taught His listeners. In his day, just like today; there was much theological division and the people wanted to live according to their own standards. We must strive to live in unity and live out God’s
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