What Goals Did Winthrop Set For The Migrants To New Japan Case Study

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4.1 1. What Goals did Winthrop set for the migrants to New England? How did Puritan Faith shape those goals? What was the significance of the “covenant” between God and Puritans? The first goal was even though everyone lives separately they should all come together with love towards their religion, Secondly, the religion that everyone follows is more important than their individual lives, If the group is not good then everyone as individuals are not good. Thirdly, they are to improve their lives so that they will do more for God. They want themselves and their children saved from the corruption of the world, and to serve their God and work out their salvation. Fourthly, their plan will take unordinary ways to reach their goals. Everyone must actually practice what they learn from church everyday not just at church. The promised God that if we go to the New Land then they would do what God asked of them. The covenant was a contract with…show more content…
The Indians were the first to do good for the English and the English were the first to do wrong to the Indians. The English believed only what they wanted too, even if it came from an untrustworthy source. The English would ignore 20 of the most honorable Indian men and listen to the least trustworthy Indian so they could punish the Indians. When land was sold by the Indians the English men said that more land was sold than the Indians agreed with. The English would trick the Indians to sell their land for less and if the king would not then the English man would create a new Indian king that would sell the land. The English horses would roam onto the Indian land spoiling their land. The English sold alcohol to the Indians and then the drunken Indians would plunder the English cattle and no one could stop them. Easton believed that the grievances were

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