Relationship Between The French And Indians

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After Columbus had discovered the New World in 1492, many countries in Europe began sending expeditions to claim land there in their name. It was a race to see who could conquer the newly discovered land and find its many riches. France was not going to fall behind, and after a rough start in South and Central America, it found its greatest success in North America. The French started their exploration in the new world in the early 16th century after hearing the many stories of the Portuguese and Spanish’s success. The king of France, Francis the I, sent an Italian man named Giovanni de Verrazano to explore the regions of what is now Florida and New Foundland in search for a route to the Pacific Ocean as well as wealth. Giovanni arrived in…show more content…
Spain and other countries thought they had to get rid of the Indians, so they killed many of them, and pushed them away from their home lands after they got whatever they needed from them, but the French sought out a different approach. They wanted to have a good relationship with the Indians, and therefore were a lot friendlier. One of the biggest things that brought the French and Indians together was trade. France was very interested in furs, spices, and other things, while the Indians were intrigued by the goods that the French had brought over. The Indians and the French even established a region around the Great lakes that was known as the ‘Middle Ground’ were they could trade and negotiate with each other without anyone imposing on one another. This is how France was able to become one of the top trade controllers in North America. The French even intermarried with the Indians and were encouraged by the French government to do so. The group of children who resulted from the cultural mixture and bonding between these two different groups were known as…show more content…
Its vast lands with many rivers served as good foundations for future settlement, and things were looking good. It wasn’t until around 1747 that they started having major problems. British colonists were very eager to move into the Ohio valley, and the formation of the Ohio Company of Virginia helped them do this. This worried France so they set up many forts to protect their region. This first skirmish between these two sides happened in 1755, when a young officer by the name of George Washington and his militia tried to take down one of the French’s main forts, Duquesne. However they failed as the French proved to be a much greater force than expected, and Washington was forced to surrender and retreat. The French had the Indians on their side which was a big advantage to them, and more Indians who had been kicked out by the British colonists also saw this as an opportunity to settle some old scores. This resulted in a second loss for the British as they once again tried to take Fort Duquesne. This time though, they lost 70 percent of their men, and their general, Edward Braddock. George Washington barely escaped after the humiliating defeat, and went back with the tragic news. This war would go on for 7 years and, would later be known as the French-Indian war. The British suffered an early set back, but that changed in 1758 when a militia led by Jeffery Amherst captured fort Louisburg. The British were

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