Exploration And Colonization Of North America

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Abstract This paper will describe the motivational factors that drove the Europeans to explore and venture new land by way of sea travel along the Atlantic coast. The rulers use political, economical, and religious factors as driving forces toward seeking the wealth, fame, and freedom of religion that is waiting to be discovered in new lands. I will use my textbook and various reputable internet search engines to gather material for this assignment. The assignment asks for a two page APA formatted submission of at least 700 words. The question presented asks for an explanation as to why European rulers promoted exploration and colonization in North America. Keywords: Exploration and Colonization in North America Power is a great motivating factor for rulers to seek new land and increase trade and wealth for their country. This became a situation where greed and envy ruled the leaders in charge of sending military and sea forces into unknown territories Berkin, Miller, Cherny, Gormly & Egerton, 2010). The two reasons of note behind the motivation of Europeans exploring to North America are religious freedom and economic opportunity. It is true the three G’s of attraction to Europe was Gold, Glory, and God and remains to still be a strong force behind the world today. Gold can be classified as wealth that explorers sought in order to strengthen their kingdom or empire. This was done in hopes of overpowering other nations and gaining ultimate trade powers. Glory stemmed in the form of jealousy over others accomplishments and prompted rulers to gain popularity by any means necessary after all fame and fortune motivates many. The third G is God and Christianity is a major governing belief of the European nation. The European rulers believed to gain religious freedom post Reformation, they had to travel seeking freedom from religious persecution.
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