Jamestown Dbq Essay

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9/30/15 Skinny Have you ever been sitting around a fire, and then out of nowhere random strangers come and tell you to leave or die? Well that’s what happened to the Native Americans when the colonists came to the Americas. I think that there are 3 different reasons to why so many colonists of Jamestown died. The first reason was the environment. The second reason is because of their relationships with the colonists. The final reason so many people died was because the settlers skills. The first reason colonists died in Jamestown is because of the environment. In Doc A it said that the water became very brackish as the water levels rose. This affected the colonist because they got fish to eat from the river. They also need to river water for drinking. If they tried to drink the murky water they would probably get sick. If the water rose too high it could create possible floods. The second reason so many people died was because relations with American Indians. In DOC E it says that there were multiple colonist killed by Americans Indians in 1607. DOC D says that if the colonist treated the American Indians better, they would have had a better relationship. This would have helped the colonists when the American Indians sided with the colonists. The finial reason why colonist of Jamestown died so quickly was because of settler skills. DOC C shows that in the original settlers they lacked in many major categories. One of those main categories is that there were not enough doctors. There were also not enough laborers either which caused all the work not to get done. In conclusion the reason why most of the settlers died was because of the environment. Relations with the American Indians was another reasons they died so quickly. Not having proper settler skills was a huge blow to the colonies. If these problems would have been fixed sooner there would have
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