French & Indian War Dbq

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Bea Asuncion 1/5/12 Honors US History DBQ 1 The French and Indian War marked a huge turning in history for France, England, and the American colonies. In the past, France had gained control of most of all the American colonies. Before the Seven Years War had started; England’s Prime Minister, William Pitt, was put in charge of winning the war. Pitt had decided that whoever won the colonies won the war. Because of this decision, England changed its fighting style and had neglected their control over the colonies to focus on winning. After successfully defeating the French and their allies, the Treaty of Paris was signed. In this treaty, it stated what England, France, Spain, and the American colonies had won control over or lost. England had control of half of North America, while France had lost their control of North America. The colonies had thought they won the freedom to expand their colonies further west. As a result of the French and Indian War; the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies changed. After 1763 England had officially gained control of over half of North America (DOC A). This meant that because England had a half a nation to govern, they must change and establish laws to control this empire. As a result of Pontiac’s rebellion, England had established the Proclamation of 1763. Before the proclamation, colonists wanted to expand past the Appalachian Mountains and into Indian Territory. In Cantassatego speech to the Pennsylvania representatives, he expresses his concern of colonists expanding into their land and disrupting Indian life. He says “Your People daily settle on these Lands, and spoil our hunting” (DOC B). After Pontiac’s Rebellion, Reverend Thomas Barnard had created his sermon in 1763 to be about his feelings towards England gaining full control over the colonies. He says that since
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