Reading The Bible From The Margins Summary

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Diandra Suarez November 16, 2012 Luke/Acts Critical Book Review-Reading the Bible from the Margins De la Torre presents Reading the Bible from the Margins as a book that brings perspectives to the standard way of reading the Bible. He makes the point that only one interpretation of the Bible was considered due to the dominant culture’s power (Delatorre 8). Despite this power, Delatorre hopes to show how the marginalized are spiritually empowered. Although the Euroamericans, or people in power, are not racist, they all have a privilege which will dominate above the marginalized and therefore they must be educated on the disenfranchised. By viewing Scripture from those who are oppressed, readers can learn God's will for us with a better…show more content…
Many examples in the book made me consider perspectives that I had never thought of before. In my opinion, this book definitely stirred up a reassurance of my place in society and what can be done to liberate the oppressed. I believe the voices represented in this book can cause negative reactions from some churches because it goes against what is and has been normal. Churches would not really like to change the view of “white” Christ to be a diverse Christ of another race because it would change certain aspects and power. The church is called to be one diverse body of God, but as churches can remain dominant to one race, it becomes difficult to incorporate diversity into what already is established. The implications from these voices can stir up various feelings. Like for example, the voice of the marginalized could cause dominant culture to engage with others differently because of knowing their certain situation. The culture which is dominant can have a positive outlook on others, while continuing to seek the diversity that God wishes us to
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