History and Philosophy of Worship

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY History and Philosophy of Worship Capstone Submitted to Dr. Rodney Whaley, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course WRSP 502- LUO BY Cathy Carter December 12, 2014 Contents Introduction 1 What is Worship? 1 Who Do We Worship? 2 When to Worship? 3 Where to Worship? 5 How to Worship? 6 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9 INTRODUCTION People view worship in many different ways. It is not to say that one person’s philosophy of worship is better than another person’s philosophy, if the end result is the same. Worship starts within one’s spirit and heart, then is expressed outwardly to God above. One of God’s greatest desires is to have relationship with His creation, man. He wants nothing more than to be loved and believed. Our love and belief is demonstrated through worship and godly lifestyle. Many people have a form of worship, but with no substance or true understanding of what it is all about. Many minimizes worship simply as the singing of songs, or leaving it up to the worship team to “set the atmosphere”, without any participation from the congregation. Some may see worship as a time to sit and listen to the worship team or choir, but it is so much more. There are many different individual concepts and philosophies of worship, and no one will ever totally agree with a particular format. They never have. Since the beginning of time, there has been a conflict in format, style and method. This paper will discuss what, who, when, where, and the how of worship. Through this paper, my philosophy of worship will be revealed. WHAT IS WORSHIP? Many people have heard the word, worship. One does not have to be a born again Christian to worship something or someone. Some may gasp at that statement, but let us look at the definition
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