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TIMELESS YOUTH MINISTY A Paper Presented to Professor Geukgeuzian Liberty University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for YOUT 301 by Ben Halsey Bhalsey2@Liberty.edu 8/31/2012 Timeless Youth Ministry Summary Chapters 1-8 Chapter 1 Contemporary youth culture is what is happening today, right now. It is a culture that is being formed and is constantly changing. In itself, the term has nothing to do with Christianity. However, Christianity should have everything to do with contemporary youth culture though. The church needs to be reaching the students of today’s world in a way that is going to attract them to Jesus. In the midst of this goal that the church needs to be striving for there are some things that need to be considered. A Church or Youth Pastor…show more content…
Every follower of Jesus Christ must find his or her identity in him and him alone. Students do not see that at first, this comes through spiritual maturity. “A young person’s identity does not depend on pure phycology, human goals and achievements, or social labels. Each young person’s identity, and ours as well , comes because we are held in high esteem by a sovereign God who has informed us of sin and forgiveness” (pg. 194). The Holy Spirit is the one thing and person that makes the difference in the Christian life. He is the one who comes in our hearts and gives us identity and purpose. We communicate this to students through a changed lifestyle, showing that Jesus can and will give you true identity and security. Conclusion In conclusion, I truly love this book, Timeless Youth Ministry. It is a practical guide to the modern youth culture and how to deal with the issues that are plaguing the students of today. It also gives practical wisdom and biblical insight and instruction on how to communicate with modern youth

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