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THE GOSPEL OF JOHN Assignment 7 This assignment covers John 16-18. 1. What specific forms of persecution did Jesus predict of His disciples? 16:1-2. Jesus predicts that a time was coming when the disciples will be expelled from the synagogues and those who kill them will do it thinking that they are offering worship to God. 2. Read the following passages and comment on their relevance to verses 1-2 (Acts 7:58; 9:1-2; 22:20; 26: 10; Philippians 3:6; I Timothy 1:13). All the above passages confirm the predictions of Jesus. This is evident where Stephen is stoned to death and many others are murdered and locked up in prisons. 3. What is the fundamental reason that some would persecute Christ's followers? 16:3.…show more content…
8. In what way would the Paraclete be a token of judgment upon “the ruler of this world?” 16:11. Bruce, p. 319. The paraclete will demonstrate to the world that condemned Jesus that it is them who were wrong and that Jesus was right, and with this judgment, the ruler of the world will be cast out. 9. Explain the role of the Paraclete as revealer of “truth.” The Paraclete has been called to as the spirit of truth, referring to the truth he would disclose to the disciples. The Spirit will only give guidance along the way of truth, as Jesus had already introduced them to the truth. 10. Does this mean “all truth?” Does that role pertain to the special disciples (Apostles) only, or to all believers? 16:13-15. Bruce, p. 320. Jesus had already introduced the disciples to the truth, and the Spirit would only guide them along the way of the truth. Jesus also insists that the spirit will only speak that which he hears but not on his own impulse. Also the things that the Spirit declares are to be understood and exercised by the gift of prophecy in the church including all believers. 11. As a matter of review, list the five functions of the Spirit. Bruce, p.…show more content…
What “hour” has finally come? 17:1. The hour of Jesus to be glorified. 23. What is necessary for one to have eternal life? 17:3. Bruce, p. 329. The knowledge of the only true God and the one he sent forth-Jesus Christ. 24. While in the flesh, how had Jesus glorified the Father? 17:4. By accomplishing the work given to him by God. 25. What request shows that the Word (logos) was eternally with the Father? 17:5. Jesus requests the father to glorify him alongside with Himself, with the same glory he had before the world existed. 26. How had the selected disciples proved themselves? 17:6. Bruce, p. 331. By observing and keeping the word of God. 27. How could Jesus speak with confidence of his weak disciples “in the perfect tense?” 17:10. Bruce, p. 331. He did this because it is God who had chosen them and they are his and Jesus had been glorified among them. 28. What is the meaning of Jesus’ prayer “Holy Father, keep them in thy name?” 17:11. Bruce, p. 332. Since Jesus would no longer be with his disciples, he asks the father to watch over them by his name so that they may remain as one. 29. Who is “the son of perdition” of verse 12, and to what scripture does Jesus allude? Bruce, pp. 287,

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