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Identifying Fallacies CRT/205 2. I believe that this example represents an inconsistency ad hominem. The example accuses Andrea Keene of having a double standard. The writer outlines how Andrea Keene has expressed her “abhorrence of abortion” and then describes how they don’t understand how she can be pro-life without being against fertility drugs. The author tries to discredit Andrea Keene’s opinions by making them seem inconsistent by comparing them to a different topic entirely. This makes it appear as if Andrea Keene does not have a thorough understanding on the topic matter. 3. This example seems to be a circumstantial ad hominem. The author of the letter is described as being a divorcee. The author then goes on to quote various…show more content…
I believe that this example shows the straw man fallacy. The author describes a single road being closed down for cyclists and joggers. However, the author continues to speak for “fitness enthusiasts” as a whole by saying that they would want the entirety of Walnut Grove for their own personal use. This fallacy is easily knocked down because the author tries to read the minds of an entire group of individuals. 6. This example shows a genetic fallacy. The final statement in the example states: “Would they raise the same objections (of unconstitutionality, etc.) if the scene depicted a modern, secularized Gentile family?” This statement alone urges the reader to believe that the reason for protest is based solely on the origins of the protesting group which in this case is religion. 8. I believe that this example shows a false dilemma. The author the statement only gives two options. The counties of Michigan can either raise sources of revenue or not have the ability to maintain current levels of service let alone growth. This example makes the reader believe that there are no alternatives available to alleviate the situation. The options which can be considered are limited by the author of the

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