Argument Critique: Why Abortion Is Immoral"

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ARGUMENT CRITIQUE | “WHY ABORTION IS IMMORAL” | DUANE PHINEAS ROSHELL | In 1973 Justice Harry Blackmun crafted the majority opinion in the case Roe vs. Wade, wherein it was the ruling of the Supreme Court that the prohibitory laws interdicting against abortion constituted a violation of women’s right to privacy. This perceived usurpation of the legislative branches of government has fueled an ongoing argument regarding the immorality of abortions in the United States. Journalist, humorist, author, and American philosopher Donald Robert Perry Marquis whose prowess in academic interests in ethics and medical ethics leads him to attempt to argue in his thesis “Why Abortion Is Immoral” the perplexing question that continues to divide the American people, both opponent and proponent of pro-choice. Keen in mental appeal, Marquis, without much expectation of success, tries to establish by argument that abortion is morally equated in value with the aptness to kill an adult being. Moreover, he attempts to show validity that the aborting of a fetus can, with the exception of rare circumstances of rape or serious medical condition, be represented as an equivalent serious moral wrong. Marquis further notes that laws prohibiting abortion in the U.S. did not exist until the 19th century. In his continuation of outlining premises, he avers that Anti-abortionist have the outlook that fetuses are people and abortion equates to murder. And, helping to support his claim he explains the existence and division of two mutually exclusive and contradictory groups. This dichotomy of the one and the many presents itself in the premises of the two opponents as follows: Anti-abortionist has the outlook that fetuses are people, and abortion equates to murder. While, on the other hand, the pro-choicer are proponents of the ideal of fetuses not being people, thus abortion doesn’t

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