“Fertility Treatment Is Never Justified.” Discuss

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Q) “Fertility Treatment is never justified.” Discuss (10 Marks) Fertility Treatment is the use of medicine and medical procedures to help infertile couples who want children, have children. Fertility Treatment is allowed in the UK as it is viewed as a fundamental desire to want to have children and thus we should help couples who are having trouble conceiving to conceive. However some thinkers would argue that this is wrong and should not be allowed. Natural Law thinkers are set well against Fertility Treatment. They have many issues with processes such as IVF as masturbation to gain the sperm used in IVF is viewed as a misuse of the genitals. To Natural Law thinkers the genitals are for reproduction and masturbation is seen as something done for pleasure, and not the purpose of reproduction. Furthermore the destruction of the spare embryos created during IVF goes against the first Primary Precept of Natural Law which is to preserve and protect life, and these embryos to Natural Law thinkers are life. Natural Law is also against Fertility Treatment as a whole when it comes to single people, post-menopausal women and same sex couples as it is not naturally possible for them to conceive naturally anyway which is defined by the laws of nature of which they believe were created by God and must be upheld . IT is however important to note that Natural Law thinkers are not concerned with the consequences of actions, whether they bring good or bad doesn’t matter but what matters to them is whether the action itself is good or bad. Kantian Ethics would also further disagree with Fertility Treatment as the Categorical Imperative says that people must be treated as ends in themselves. If an embryo is a life then the destruction of spare embryos during IVF would be seen as using them as a means to an end. Further if the embryo was experimented upon instead, and the embryo
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