I Just Wanna Be Average

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Prof. Thomas English 125 2/20/13 I Just Wanna Be Average Looking back through all the things I’ve accomplished, I remember the time when I had to apply for high school. Getting into a good high school was like the most important thing because students were told that that’s what colleges looked at apart from our grades. Growing up I had decent grades. Fortunately, not only did I get accepted t into a high ranking school in my district, but I got into the program the school had, the law program. Not everyone got into the program, you had to have had an eighty-five average or over. In order to graduate I had to complete an internship, which entailed eighty hours of office work or whatever was offered at any law firm we chose. From what I can remember, I enjoyed carrying out those eighty hours of paper work because not only did I sit at a desk in front of a computer, I also got to sit next to a lawyer and experience what he does every day, dealing with cases. However, when I had completed the internship, the lawyer of the law firm I volunteered at was so pleased of the work I did that he asked me if I wanted to go to a different state for another internship and experience more profoundly the field of law. Unwisely, I denied! At the time, I figured it wasn’t important. I did what I had to do to pass the class and graduate and that that was all. I didn’t realize that that experience could’ve helped me in the future. I didn’t appreciate the opportunity that was being given to me. Apparently, I can relate to the statement, “Students will float to the mark you set” Rose states in “I Just Wanna Be Average.” I did nothing more and nothing less than I was required to do. I did just enough to pass the class and I had good grades. I had the capability of getting higher grades but I was comfortable with my
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