Two Million Minutes Essay

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Two Million Minutes Essay In the movie entitled Two Million Minutes, six students show the world how they struggle through their last year at high school. Two students are from India, two are from China, and two are from America. All those students share one common goal; they want to succeed. Although they come from different backgrounds and cultures, their soul intention is to achieve their goals. However, some of them have it easier than the others. The students in India apply themselves because they strive to release themselves from poverty for a better life, where as in the U.S the students have more of a luxurious life in comparison due to all the after curricular activities. Moreover Chinese students spend twice as much time in school and studying than U.S students do. In addition, schools in India are in session on Saturdays. The U.S’s global status is being overtaken by China and India due to the dedicated youths who push the standards of education higher. Some will argue that America’s younger generation has become complacent because of the economic stability. In America students spend approximately 900 hours in school a year and 1,600 watching TV. Neil, a senior at high school in Indiana, is top in his class, has a girlfriend, is president of student counsel, and is involved in various other clubs. That’s impressive. However, because of the focus on non-academic activities, he feels it helps shape him into an individual thinker. Brittany, the other American student felt the same. So maybe it’s just the America doesn’t understand that it’s in competition with other countries. So, all in all the U.S students do have it easier. Their life isn’t predetermined for them, and cares about more than just their education but also about having fun. The other students from the other countries don’t have such a luxury. Their main focus is to
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