Essay On Year Round Education

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In today’s society, technology is rapidly advancing. The United States has sustained the same education system, while foreign countries have benefited greatly from year-round education. The impact of having a summer break is crippling American students, and should be reduced so that American students are able to excel. The United States should extend the school year so that students have more quality instructional time, less review time, and experience a global education experience. Students today that are missing out on the true contexts of the lesson taught are going unnoticed, due to the pace and lesson requirements the teachers are responsible for teaching. In most states, students are required to pass an exit exam. This may be a way to test a students’ knowledge; however, their attention is focused on passing the test instead of learning. Also, teachers are judged based upon students’ passing grades, which influences them to focus students’ attention on just passing the test. For instance, I live…show more content…
This is due to them being through a long rigorous education system that they have become accustomed to. For instance, a student from China led my graduating class of high school. He explained to me that, while students were on their summer break, he still would still be required to educate himself by his parents. This helped him do extremely well and graduate first in our class. The demand for students who barely receive their diploma or even a bachelor’s degree is slowing decreasing. Many companies are looking for those students that excel and are able to constantly work. With that said, foreigners are filling jobs in America due to their education system, which is why I believe that America should transform their education to become year-round. From there on, students will be able to fully benefit from the education system as well as compete in the job
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