7 Things You Should Know to Achieve Your Dreams Essay

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7 Things You Should Know to Achieve Your Dreams I still can remember my first year study in Pace University, desiring to know as much as I can about American and Pace, adjusting to American teaching style, while terrified to talk with strangers. For most international students, I believe improving their English communication skills, familiarizing American culture, and achieving an academic accomplishment are on top of their list when studying in American. However, it is not easy even though you are already here. After several years learning, practicing and countless embarrassments, I discovered several things you should know at the beginning of your journey here to achieve your best potential. * Communication is more important than grammar. International students, especially Chinese students are usually better at writing than speaking because they would have more time to be devoted to grammar, sentence structures and specific words. However, when it comes to speaking, it is a different story. The general processes for us who consider English as the second language usually are translating the sentence to English first, then speaking. During the translation step, if you worry too much about grammar and mistakes, longer time would pass by or you would be stuck in the middle of sentences, which would make you even more nervous and forget stuff you already knew. In a conversational communication, the audience would not be easy to follow you or even worse, they would be totally lost. So, try to use simple words and short sentences. Think about meanings more than grammar. As long as you can express your own idea and the listeners can understand what you are saying, that would be fine. * Make as many domestic friends as possible and use English as much as you can. This is highly recommended to all international students. The best way to learn English is think

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