Career Interest Profiler

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The Career Interest Profiler MGT/521 February Career Interest Profiler The Career Interest Profiler was helpful to me in some ways, and in other ways it didn’t pertain. I’ve worked as a pharmacy technician for fifteen years. I have felt the need to pursue a higher degree that will help me transition into a different and better job with greater opportunities and financial benefits. My new career path is obtaining a Master of Business Administration to allow me to teach at a college level. Where I will make more money and work fewer hours than what I’m currently doing as a pharmacy technician. The Career Interest Profiler helped me decide what Career to choose, a degree in business administration and management that will permit me to continue to grow professionally, take new responsibilities, and new learning experiences. My goal is to be able to apply what I will learn my new job and be able to implement it with the students. Another example helpful to me mention in the Career Interest Profiler is as follow: I am frequently a volunteer for a motorcycle club organization, call Veterans and Riders Association (VRA). The VRA through fundraisers, donations and community bike runs collect money for charity to help veterans in need and their families. I am currently the treasurer. My job involves bookkeeping and accounting, which I am not very good at the moment. When I finish with my business degree, then I will become an expert, and I am looking so forward to it. In conclusion, as I said before this profiler was beneficial to me in some circumstances and not in others. I took the survey to see where I would be at, and I was a little disappointed with the end results. My expectations when I completed the survey were to be close to the degree I have chosen and instead it provided me with something entirely different in which I have no interest. I was very
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