Minority Groups In America

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Minority groups exit in every civilization. In all societies of the world and throughout history, minority groups have always been treated unequally. The American society and other societies in the developed world have a very bad history in relation to how they have treated minority groups. The minority groups includes the people of color and other minority races, women, religious and cultural minorities, age minorities, people with disabilities and individuals with certain sexual orientation. These injustices against minorities in the general public have resulted from individuals, organizations, governments and the international community to take responsibility and take actions against racial, gender, cultural, religious or any other form…show more content…
The legal systems have perpetuated the injustices and discrimination against women and other minority groups in the society. The status of a woman in the American legal systems for example has deepened the misconception that women are inferior compared to men. The common law does not give a woman any legal recognition and is not allowed to own property. Historically, the American law has rendered the woman defenseless in the management of family and social affairs. For many years, women in the United States had no voting rights which denied them the opportunity to try their hand in politics. It was not until the early 20th century when women in the United Stated were given the right to vote. Despite this, their political roles in the country have remained limited. This is just an iceberg when compared to gender based discrimination that have encroached all aspects of the society. There is no doubt that there has been a lot of improvement in the recent past where women have been treated more equally increasing their participation in the social and political life, but more need to be done to reduce the level biasness against women in the society (Healey,…show more content…
Not only I will earn a college degree, but also I have adopted many qualities which prepared me to be a valuable person in the society. As an international student I have seen so many cultural differences between America and China. After graduation my short-term goal is to work and go to graduate school, and my long-term goal is to become an international business that I want to do business around the global. Therefore I have a my whole career to distribute against discrimination globally. Though the four years college, I learned to become a responsible person to my society. I have also been trained to have a better level of English as my second language which now I could communicate with people effectively. My plan of action of minority discrimination is to being a person who could educate others and being an active member to anti-discrimination association. I want to influence people locally to educate them about equalitarianism no matter race, age, gender, and religions. I could start small with people that have the same thoughts with me. I want to educate others through telling them the values of minority people, so they could feel impressed to understand and respect them. There are many values of the black community. First, African American distributes a great portion to the American sports. Michael Jordan and Flo Hyman were two great athletes of all time that they won gold medal

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