The Difference Between College and High School Writing Essay

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The Difference between College and High School Writing Reading and writing play an important role on everyone’s education. Not only are the two used for education but people need the two one a daily basis. Without them we wouldn’t be able to communicate with the world. High schools reading and writing is completely different from what is expected in the college level. In High School teachers demanded you to use the 5 paragraph essay format. Every student in high school uses this format and will continue to use it because it was the only concept they were given in high school and they’ve gotten so comfortable with it. This format was so easy to use that students could easily slack off because they knew their limit was only 5 paragraphs but when you come into a college class you are expected to write more than 8 pages. The 5 paragraph format all you needed was an introduction, 3 paragraphs with 3 main points to back up your thesis in your introduction, and a conclusion. It was very plain and simple. Students get real use to think technique because throughout high school it was so repetitive and we all got very comfortable with it. Although the 5 paragraph format limits our ideas and we don’t get to expand on our topics because we are so stuck on the 3 ideas and we just to those instead of expanding our thinking. By limiting the amount of ideas we chose we think we are choosing the 3 main points but there could be a possibility that the other ideas were just as important but we don’t have enough room for them. It did help us stay on track and to consistently talk about the topic instead of rambling off about irrelevant ideas. Teachers did improve our writing skills by teaching us how to start writing, a big plus. After taking and English class in the summer I have come to a conclusion that expanding your writing is good because it gets your point across to your
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